Eligea’s vision is of a 21st Century infrastructure that enables and nurtures socially and ecologically sustainable systems.

Eligea envisions a future in which new technological and social tools have been integrated into personal and public life in ways that allow a level of freedom and intentionality to individual choices and a level of collective leveraging of those choices that was never before possible. We envision a truly “free market” economy in which every individual has the ability to freely participate in ways that express their own values—and in which the collective impact of those values lead us to a collective social and environmental responsibility that are simple, natural extensions of our everyday activities. Eligea sees the developing new technology as a kind of “values amplifier” that can give us the power to base our economy on what is important to us. A famous professional basketball coach was once asked about the effects of large salaries on his players and he answered that in his experience, having a lot of money simply made a person “more of whatever they already were.” We believe that having sufficiently powerful technology in hand can have the same effects. It will tend to make society more of whatever it already is or is trying to be. The distribution of real choice, the essential democratization of the marketplace, that this new technology is beginning to make possible has the potential to provide a foundation for a society that more consistently expresses the best of who we are.

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