About Eligea

At the root of Eligea’s innovation is a Process for what might be described as a “self-organized action research.”  The core research question might be expressed as, “How can global sustainability be achieved by leveraging the values-based actions of many individuals and groups?” Eligea’s innovation is a process, incorporating a set of tools,  for researching this question “in practice.”

Eligea LLC was formed in early 2009 by a group of people who have been working together on shared goals for almost ten years.

Eligea is comprised of socially conscious people ranging from a variety of industry experts to young, innovative thinkers. Together, Eligea encompasses a vast amount of knowledge and passion. The company is connected by a shared belief in values and goals, which include a deep sense of accountability toward; 1. the environment, 2. the needs of those in the developing world, and 3. the social, economic, and political relationships that connect people together. Part of our mission is to enhance the ways in which people relate to one another. Whether it is assisting people in gaining empowerment and access to resources or integrating innovative business models that foster fair and ethical relationships, Eligea is dedicated to providing the skills, innovations, and ideas which help bring about responsible, transformative change in the world.

There are three major ways in which Eligea will implement its fundamental Process .

1.  It is the core concept underlying the research and the design of the tools and environment relating to the building of TIM – ie. the level of individual values.

2.  It is the core of the consulting activities – ie. the level of shared group values, particularly of businesses.

3.  It is the core of the concept of a series of online and in person conferences on “Transformation Infrastructure” – ie. the level of the ‘big questions’ global conversation about how we can get to a sustainable future based on shared values.

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