Goals & Guiding Principles

We believe that the real basis of sustainability is the sum of the human choices made at every level. Eligea’s fundamental Premise is that if – at every level – these choices can be made on the basis of the values of the individuals making them, then the sum of those choices will provide the foundation for the kind of transformation of society that many people seek.

Thus the practical implementation of Eligea’s mission is to provide tools for values-based choice.

Consulting goal: to Prepare companies for success in the age of sustainability! ™

Eligea’s major Project is the design and production of a digital environment for a community of users who can incorporate their personal values explicitly into their economic activities.  Because the members of this community will be able to act on – and even promote – values of importance to them, we see them as members of a new kind of market – The Intentional Market (TIM), in which they can support sustainability, social responsibility etc. through their participation in the market. Further, they can leverage the collective impact of their shared values.

The intent is that once this community is built it will be owned and controlled by its members.

Guiding Principles

  • Be genuinely trustworthy—In addition to trustworthiness, we must have nearly utter transparency
  • Participation —Everyone can, will, and should participate in this process. We’re designing the system to be participatory at all levels, or in as many ways as we can. The users of the system are engaged in the design. We are creating a specific feedback processes to empower the users in how they can participate in the further development of the interface environment and community
  • People and groups should be able to act on their values—If every individual had the ability to clarify and act on their own personal values, the cumulative effect would produce a far more powerful leverage for change–the kind of full participation that real sustainability will require
  • Bringing technology into the service of movements towards sustainability— 1) Technology is accelerating very fast.  2) Transformation towards sustainability is happening too slowly.  We want to put 1 in service of 2.
  • Build an “Intentional Market” where people can connect their values to their commerce decisions (values-based connections for individuals, communities and business)
  • The ‘Visible Hand’: the idea that the individual can contribute a level of intentionality to the market process.  Invisible hand is: if everyone operates according to their own self interest then the market will act as though there is some sort of intelligence behind it.  Our system brings a collective intelligence rather than a pseudo intelligence.  Its not that: everyone acts only in their narrow self interest and then social value happens; its more like (through the interface) people acting in their wider self interest because they recognize that social value is in their self interest.
  • Collective Action & Cumulative Effect (Consumer Power)—Leveraging collaboration (collective influence) to achieve more effective outcomes—We’re providing the tools where a million people (individuals) with shared values can act in ways that are as impactful as a megacorp.  Two things:  1) The inherent  nature of the interface environment is implicit within everything within the system.  “In everything I do, I have a sense of shared values (collaboration) with those who I am connected with”., 2) There are lots of opportunities for forming collaborations which the interface will shed light on—it allows for more formal collaborations by aggregating and brokering information.  Everything you do is a collaboration because you are always operating, linking with those who you share something similar with. Interface acts as ‘broker’ of collaborations that  become relevantly obvious (the system knows the collaboration would be beneficial and would meet previously expressed needs).
  • Democratization of the market—When people can act on their values, then the market becomes democratized
  • Its about me: “its about me” IS the user experience.  The whole thing is about my values, my choices, my ability to interact with the world based on my preferences, my ability to search for things based on my values, my ability to connect with others who share my values, etc. A form of collaborative autonomy. Exploratory: during my engagement…I actually learn about me in the process (there is a personal development/educational component to the interface).
  • Privacy from the inside out: We’re thinking about the whole issue of privacy from the ‘inside out’.  Rather than it being about trying to protect my personal privacy; we’re saying that our strength is that its about what information the user wants to share; without them making that decision to share, they remain anonymous.  You begin totally anonymous.  You opt in versus opting out.  You opt into the networks and experiences and then they become alive for you
  • There is no authority: The only valid approximation of authority is broad consensus.  Our system is based on both individual authority ranking and crowdsourcing collectivism.
  • Tech-Support is a fundamentally core component of any system: We envision ‘tech support’ as including a feedback system that really listens to the users and implements their needs into the system.  User’s feedback will help to redesign future versions of the environment.
  • Chronofile http://www.bfi.org/our_programs/who_is_buckminster_fuller/buckminster_fullers_archives/the_chronofile and Documentation of our process: Honoring those who came before.  Also, those whose shoulders we stand on, those whose work, historically even, was paramount for us to create Eligea

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