Take Part

“The more different perspectives we can bring to the conversation, the richer the view of the conference will be.”
- David Mills, Conference Facilitator

We are in the infant stages of living in a truly global community. Almost in spite of the wide diversity of governments and cultures, all our lives are being drawn into a single global, inter-dependent system in which individuals anywhere in the world are only moments away from influencing, and being influenced by, each other. The sustainability of human society on the planet Earth is going to require a transformation involving every aspect of our society. Like any large endeavor, the transformation will require an infrastructure to support it – a Transformation Infrastructure

What does a sustainable society need to maintain itself?
How do we get from here to there?
And what is needed to support our efforts along the way?

In other words, what are the infrastructure needs for a transformation of society?

These are the sorts of questions that will be explored in the Eligea Conference Series.

We bring together some of the foremost global thinkers on business, sustainability, technology and culture to engage in productive conversation about important questions regarding the needs of this Transformation Infrastructure. We invite a group of participants representing a range of perspectives, to help get a lively online collaborative discussion started.

Everyone is welcome to join the Conversation.

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