Kerry Group came to Eligea asking for an innovative approach to developing their sustainability initiatives. As a leading manufacturer of food ingredients, Kerry Group is exactly the kind of company to benefit from a deep evaluation of their sustainability values. As the first facilitated process Eligea developed, the results and outcomes were an enormous success, and continue to be influential factors in Kerry Group’s commitment and strategy toward sustainable values.

“When we set out to define sustainability for our Seattle manufacturing site, we wanted to be sure the effort itself was sustainable, and not just a prescriptive project. Eligea helped us focus on the reality of our physical site and the dynamics of our work force, facilitating a detailed map of how our individual values created a strong work-based community. As a result, our system-wide plan to address resource use and physical impact has been much more focused and pragmatic: we have articulated the true values that each person on site can support, and our collective efforts feel directly linked to a clear, shared intention. Eligea took the time to guide us through the process with clear, unflinching reflection, and our organization is much more able to address the goal of sustainable business. We know ourselves better now, and are better equipped to nurture change in the wider organization.”

-Leanna Mix, Director of Customer Insight at Kerry Group

“Finding the right answers to the wrong questions wastes time and money. Eligea helped us identify the right questions and develop a plan to address them. They came to the table with an innate ability to problem solve, a skill desperately needed by our organization to move forward. In addition, their high level of professionalism made it truly a pleasure to work with Aaron and his team.”

-Laura Rieder, President, lr. Marketing/Public Relations(Past Board Dir, Oasis Entertainment)

“The Eligea team was able to skillfully adapt its process to our organizational culture, helping us discover, name, and affirm our values, and facilitating consensus around organizational forms and protocols that will help us actualize our values in all our project areas. I was especially impressed, and even a little surprised, at the way in which the Eligea process galvanized the enthusiastic participation of everyone of our active members, and strengthened group cohesion. The Eligea sessions were efficient, effective, and fun. I believe Eligea is at the cutting edge of a crafting of new organizational models and processes that will help in the vital transition to a more just, humane, and ecological society.”

-Bob Spivey, President, SEEDS (Social Ecology Education & Demonstration School)

Eligea‘s values exploration has allowed Fraktel to better understand what our collective goal was. Through this process we’ve been better able to realize who we are as a whole group and what our motivations are. This has allowed us to better prioritize our operations, keep us effective at what we are doing, and in light of our busy schedules keeps us from burning out.”

-Drew Voegele, CEO, Fraktel, LLC

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