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Eligea’s vision is of a 21st Century communications infrastructure that enables and nurtures socially and ecologically sustainable systems. We are contributing to the building of an Intentional Market, a key component for successful global transformations of this scale, by developing globally aware research and design processes that use technology to measure, analyze and feedback information to individuals wanting to connect their values to their decisions and participate in a new sustainability-values based economy.

Eligea seeks to create a system that will allow people to make truly knowledgeable choices based on their values.

Join us in building an infrastructure for transformation towards a sustainable 21st Century, by contributing to the following components of the Eligea vision.

One Response to Partner with TIM

  1. Eligea Team,

    The goals and visions that you hold- are admirable and beyond a doubt necessary for us to survive let alone sustain as a species- as a planet.

    But the challenge that you face, I believe, is engaging individuals, groups, cultures to CHANGE- not to manage or survive change- but to really change. REALLY DOING IT requires more than pretending that there is a ‘just’ to it.

    The truth is that most changes- 70 – 80% of changes- are not successfully implemented. That includes the changes that could change the quality of life- or the length of life- for individuals, teams and corporations- for continents and ecosystems and cultures.

    I see the challenge that you face as one that any one or any group faces when they are trying to engage people to change. Current figures suggest that a meager 20 to 30 % of changes are successfully implemented. That figure crosses challenges, ndustries and boundaries- people facing life-threatening illness comply and follow through with health care pro’s recommendations – a meager 20-30% of the time! Strategic plans that offer the chance of continued growth- or mere survival- in corporate settings are successfully implemented- yet again, a meager 20-30%…
    Successful growth by merging two cultures or organizations- and the changes required to do so- a success rate of – yup- 20-20%. The implementation of changes required to maintain a longterm relationship or marriage- well, let’s not even go there…

    You can find reams of research and theory and high-priced corporate interventions- programs, workshops, exec ed, coaching- that purport to teach leaders and others how to jumpstart and MANAGE change. But the truth is, that most of them don’t work. They talk about change, refer to managing change, set people out to “JUST” do it- but they never capture the most critical concept.

    That is this- change is strange; change is stress. We react to changes- even the good ones- with the release of the full chemical flood associated with fight-flight-freeze in fright- that is resistance at its core. Resistance is natural as a response to change and difference that has ensured the survival of our species. Faced with change and difference, we exude chemicals that shut down the front part of the brain, leaving us stupid- decision-making, innovative thinking, strategic thinking, taking the point of view of others- all of this takes a direct hit. Instead, we tighten up- chins tighten, hands wrap tight to hold on to everything- even the things we didn’t like yesterday… Our hearts race and we want to bolt. John Kenneth Galbraith described it- “Faced with the choice between changing one’s mind and proving that there is no need to do so, almost everybody gets busy on the proof.”

    Decades later, harnessing the power of technology that enables us to peer into the workings of brain and body, Bruce McEwen and his research team at Rockefeller Institute demonstrated that when we human beings even just imagine and visualize changes- good, bad or ugly- we release the chemistry of resistance. We bare our fangs, tighten our fists, and ready for fleeing or fighting or crawling under a pile of work to freeze.

    To transform the intent of your group into real sustainable actions, requires engaging people to change- to change behaviors, attitudes, how they see and interact with the problems and each other and with the planet on which we live.

    As a behavioral scientist, I have put psychology and mind-body medicine into practice- for decades. Along the way, I became an expert- while teaching at Dartmouth Med School- on the dynamics of peak performance- that includes learning to identify and override the natural resistance to change that gets in the way of moving plans into actions to reach your goals.

    The goals that you seek to achieve- they will require engaging others to override their own resistance to get moving.

    I would like to speak with you about how we might colabor to ensure that your strategies and plans make it into the smaller percentage of changes that are successfully implemented.

    If you are open to a dialogue, please contact me.

    Looking forward,
    Pamela Brill